Contributing Authors

Brent Adler, MD
Fred Avni, MD
Paul Babyn, MD
Patrick Barnes, MD
Richard Barth, MD
Suzie Bash, MD, PhD
Tamar Ben-Ami, MD
Jane Benson, MD
Corning Benton, MD
Ines Boechat, MD
Deborah Brahee, MD Editor
Wendy Thomas Brown, MD, MPH
Dorothy Bulas, MD
Carlo Buonomo, MD
Stephanie C. Cajigas-Loyola, MD
Kelsey R Casano, MD
Christopher Cassafy, MD
Jeanne S. Chow, MD
Brian Coley, MD
Bairbre Connolly, MD
Russell Cross, MD
Eric Faerber, MD
Laura Fenton, MD
Donald Frush, MD
Harpal Gahunia, PhD
Veer Gariwala, MD
Marilyn Goske, MD
Gary Hedlund, DO

Marta Hernanz-Schulman, MD Mariana Hewson, PhD
Jeanne Hill, MD
Caroline Hollingsworth, MD
Susan C. Kaste, DO
Paul Kleinman, MD
Bernadette Koch, MD
Spencer Kriss, BS
Keith A. Kronemer, MD
Omar Lababede, MD
Robert L. Lebowitz, MD
Gael J Longeran, MD
Lisa Lowe, MD
Joe Makris, MD
Bruce Markle, MD
Anne Massez, MD
Vesna Martich, MD
William McAlister, MD
Michael D. Meszaros, MD
Karen Moeller, MD
David Monoky, MD
James Morris, MD
Stuart Morrison, MD
Susie Muir, MD, PhD

Lena Naffaa, MD
Stephen C. O'Connor, MD Kamaldine Oudjhane, MD
Susan Palasis, MD
Anne Paterson, MB BS, MRCP
Debra J Pennington, MD
Sunny Pitt, MD
Charles Raybaud, MD
Janet Reid, MD, FRCPC
Lynne Ruess, MD
Laureen Sena, MD
Alan Schlesinger, MD
M. M. Shroff, MD
Thomas Slovis, MD
George Taylor, MD
Rita Teele, MD
Wendy Thomas Brown, MD, MPH
Kim Tran, MD, PhD
Laura Varich, MD
Will Vosburgh, DO
Dunya Yaldoo, PhD
Tina Young-Poussaint, MD


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