Geriatric Emergency Medicine Online Curriculum

Welcome to the Cleveland Clinic’s online curriculum for Geriatric Emergency Medicine. The curriculum includes basic and advanced courses. The basic courses are designed to improve your knowledge of the basic principles of geriatric emergency care with an emphasis on quality of care issues. The content is presented through questions, most of which are case-based. Questions include a brief discussion in the feedback for each answer chosen as well as suggested readings.

The curriculum consists of the following five courses:

  • Altered Mental Status
  • Geriatric Abdominal Pain
  • Geriatric Trauma and Elder Abuse
  • Inappropriate Prescribing and Adverse Drug Events
  • Pain Management and Procedural Sedation

The advanced courses provide the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the basic courses to case simulations in which you work through historical information and physical examination findings, choose appropriate diagnostic testing and therapeutic interventions, and decide on correct diagnoses and dispositions. Each decision includes feedback regarding appropriateness of care.

The curriculum consists of the following course:

  • A Case of Geriatric Abdominal Pain
  • A Case of Altered Mental Status
  • A Case of Geriatric Trauma

The entire curriculum provides links to key references in PubMed.

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This project was supported by Geriatrics Education for Specialty Residents (GSR) and GSR Dissemination grants
from the American Geriatrics Society and John A. Hartford Foundation.

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